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A creative environment
for all your IoT asset data.
Integrating asset data with expert human analysis for enhanced performance and cost saving

We are a team of engineers and analysts committed to helping building owners achieve competitive advantage and hit sustainability targets.

Our cloud-based platform embraces the emerging IoT to gather data from all of a building’s business critical assets. We then interpret this data using human intelligence and creativity to deliver cost-saving and performance-enhancing insights and recommendations.

Key Benefits of Asset Studio


Extend the lifetime of assets through condition based monitoring. Build confidence in capital spending decisions


Save energy.
Reduce reactive maintenance


Monitor and control asset performance to remain in line with environmental goals such as Net Zero


How Asset Studio Works

Asset Studio comprises two main layers:

1. A cloud-based integration platform for BMS, Controls and Monitoring data

Every critical asset in the built environment connects directly to the platform, cutting out the need for complex, costly and potentially unreliable connections and interface hardware. Data is collected via open APIs.

2. Data analysis and recommendations

Our engineers analyze the data and apply astute creative thinking to deliver enhancements regarding expenditure, maintenance, sustainability and other important metrics.

By applying our experience and forward-thinking approach to a comprehensive data set, we are able to provide innovative insights that enable property owners to reduce running costs, stay on top of maintenance, meet sustainability goals, enhance occupant comfort and productivity and make informed strategic decisions about their building stock.

About Asset Studio

Asset Studio is part of Livingstone Consulting, a team of engineering consultants and designers, specialising in sustainable solutions for the built environment. As the world’s population grows and becomes more urbanised, and the pressure on the built environment intensifies, we are committed to creating solutions that optimise the efficiency of assets such as lighting, HVAC and refrigeration to deliver enhanced occupant comfort, more cost-effective operation and net zero impact on the planet’s natural resources.

Start optimising your assets with Asset Studio.

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